Art by Skeffington


                           Art by: Margaret Skeffington -Del Tufo                  



The art pieces I have in my gallery have been created with two mediums:

Colored Pencils and Acrylic Paints.


The subjects I've chosen to create are based on the emotion that is evoked when I view it. I feel the need to express what I see. Other subjects are inspired by someone relating to me what a painting may mean to them.


For example: The 'Bengal tigers' were inspired by my daughter as they are one of her favorite animals. My young grandson has a passion for skateboarding, inspiring me to paint 'The skateboarder'. A dear friend of mine was engaged in a romantic area of Cape Cod, thus, 'Marconi Beach, Cape Cod'. 


I have been commissioned on two occasions. The first was a request  of a scene that is seen from a condominium balcony of the 'Neponset River', the second was a coworker whose daughter had lost a beloved German Shepard. She requested a memorial piece as a gift, 'Jaegar'. 

 I have added brief descriptions on my pictures to address what inspired me to create.

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